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The Produtor do Bem stamp was concepted in 2018 as the first Brazilian certification stamp in the welfare of farm animals. Our mission is to improve the quality of animals life based on the best productive practices and conscious consumption.

Animal foods: we believe that the best way to transform production processes in Brazil is using our own potential and talent. Thus, we develop certification requirements that consider, stimulate and value our rural producer and our productive culture.

Plant-based foods: a large part of society, especially the new generations, are increasingly adhering to plant-based diets. In this way, we seek to create certification requirements capable of valuing producers and companies that seek to invest in alternative foods.

Conscious consumption: daily engagement in the practice of making better choices positively impacts life on the planet. Our positioning seeks to encourage conscious consumption as an agent of transformation, improving the economy, social relations, the environment and the quality of life of animals. We believe that small changes in daily life can generate major sustainable transformations.


We elaborate auditing standards based on the most current scientific research, going far beyond the requirements established by Brazilian legislation.

We have a highly qualified and experienced technical group that provides us with all the support necessary for our standards to keep up with international stamps.

All farms and agro-industries are audited by an independent certification body specialized in the subject. Auditors, professionals who assess and review compliance with pre-established requirements, have training in veterinary medicine or zootechnics and are periodically trained in recycling training in animal welfare.

The Produtor do Bem stamp, in addition to valuing the best production practices in Brazil, helps the consumer to identify companies that are really committed to improving the quality of life of farm animals.

Improving animals life

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How to

Ensure that the standards used in production are aligned with the requirements of the Produtor do Bem.

Execute the application for the third party audit by sampling, performed by a specialized and independent certifier.

Once approved, the producer receives the concession to use the Produtor do Bem seal on its packaging.


Our initiative brings a series of new opportunities to partner companies. With the certification, producers create the necessary conditions to market their products with chains of restaurants, supermarkets and other companies that seek certified products. Thus we help our partners to grow and do great business.


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